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    maybe it is just me but there seems to be a plethora of animal abuse stories of late. And not just the ones I see here and the Vick case.

    Maybe this is silly because I know better, but every time I read one of these horror stories I always go check on Tal and Midnight just to make sure they are ok. I bet you guys look at your furkids and it occurs to you that in someone else's "care"....

    I am looking at Tal sacked out on the floor sound asleep, knowing he is safe and Midnight safely in her spot in her chair at the dining room table and think I wsih every pet could feel what they do. I know we all on here make sure we give our pets the very best we can.

    It would not do for me to get a hold of some of these a$$holes.

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    DefaultRe: Abuse Stories of Late

    AMEN to that! It would no fo good for me to get ahold of some of these a-holes either >

    animal abuse, unfortunatly, is always there.. its just so sad to grasp what insufferable cruelties people inflict on aminals.. they are so helpless and defensless in most cases... they are like infants.. They need constant love, reasonable discpline, quidance, care and so many other things.. It makes me shudder to think of any of these horible things occuring to one of my furkids...


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