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    DefaultFun Survey!

    You guys will love this:

    They are trying to compile information on who picks which breed, and determine if there are any personality characteristics that dictate which breed you will be attracted to. For now it's just a survey, but I'm sure the results will be published and no doubt be fascinating!!

    If you like the idea of this survey and what it aims to find out, you should read Stanley Coren's "Why We Love the Dogs We Do." It includes personality tests based on four areas of personality. You calculate your results and, based on those, you are presented a group of dogs that you might fancy.

    It's extremely interesting, because he has broken the dogs into groups based strictly on personality, not on AKC divisions. So within the same personality group there could be working dogs, herding dogs and toys.

    I try to get everyone I know who enjoys dogs to read this book and take the test. I thought it was dead on the mark. I took the test, and there in my group were ALL my very favorite breeds of dog. It helped me understand why I liked those types. Interesting stuff.

    Anyway, take the survey if you get a chance.

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    DefaultRe: Fun Survey!

    That was interesting. It looks like it's at least a decently constructed survey--they ask the same questions over and over using different words to try to see if you are consistent in your answers. I'm not quite sure what they're trying to get at, though--I think extroversion/introversion, right brain/left brain, for sure, but not sure what else.


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