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    A couple months back I changed our visitation schedule with Marshal at the local medical center. We now visit an Oncology Unit there. The visits are intended to be quality time rather than quantity. We sit down often staying for 15 - 20 minutes with a person. I have enjoyed these but more importantly TMM really seems to like them. Tonight we had a request for the Cardiac ICU before going to Oncology. As we were entering the unit a lady came up to me and the other PT person/dog we work with. She knew about our dogs. She told us we visited with her mother last month and that shortly afterwards she died. She told us how much it meant to her mother to have the dogs visit her. She shared how her mother had told the family she never thought for a moment she would ever get to pet another dog before she died. She thanked us for visiting and said because of seeing our dogs she knew her mother died in peace and happiness. Makes doing what we do all very worthwhile.

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    Oh. :'( How sweet and sad.

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    My dad has been up visiting for the past 2 1/2 weeks. He is battling brain cancer and is going on his 2 year anniversary this August from what was suppose to be a 6 month diagnosis. He is doing great, but gets tired so quickly and a little depressed. Anyway, Phoebe and him bonded from the first moment. The dogs have to know something and that connection is amazing. My dad is sooooo happy playing with her and it mellows him out so much. A therapy dog will definitely be there for him when/if the disease finally takes its toll.



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