Canidae users....feeding a puppy question!
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Thread: Canidae users....feeding a puppy question!

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    DefaultCanidae users....feeding a puppy question!

    Am I really supposed to just cut her food in half when she reaches 6 months in a few weeks??? Do her calorie needs change that drastically? I feel like she'll be awfully hungry only eating 2 cups of food per day, as it is it seems like she could eat more! Bunny just hit 40lbs, and is perfectly lean. Thanks!

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    DefaultRe: Canidae users....feeding a puppy question!

    I'm no expert but I do feed Canidae Lamb and Rice. My Lab is 2 years old and 51 pounds... and my Austalian Shepherd is 6 years old and 53 pounds. I feed them each 1 1/2 cups a day. 3/4 of a cup in the AM and 3/4 cup in the PM. I have recently begun feeding 1/3 Red Meat EVO and 2/3 Canidae Lamb and Rice because I wanted a higher fat and protein content.. but I am still maintaining the 1 1/2 cups a day per dog.

    My advice to you is to keep feeding her the amount you are and adjust it as her weight goes up or down. Feed her the amount SHE needs to keep her lean. If she starts gaining then cut back in 1/4 cup increments to maintain the desired weight.

    Others might have better advice...


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    DefaultRe: Canidae users....feeding a puppy question!

    Yes, I agree: You don't have to do it drastically. Just cutting back a little at a time will work fine

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