Gus-TPLO surgery update
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Thread: Gus-TPLO surgery update

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    DefaultGus-TPLO surgery update

    I talked to Dr. Lew about 45 minutes ago and she said that Gus came through the surgery just fine and that if all goes according to plan he can come home tomorrow afternoon. I hate that he has to spend the night, but he is actually in the "ICU" so I know that he is being cared for very well. While he was sedated, she did the second X-rays on his left leg and she thinks it looks great. If any of you live in North Carolina and ever have need of a othro surgeon, I highly recommend her. I have seen cars in the parking lot from Tennessee and Virginia as well. There are other vets in the practice who have other specialities. I have been very pleased with everything from the staff to the facilities (Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro, NC). They actually encourage you to call to check on your dog at anytime during their stay-day or night-if you feel the need. I will call at least once tonight and again first thing in the morning for sure.

    Thanks again to all of you for keeping Gus in your thoughts and prayers today.

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    DefaultRe: Gus-TPLO surgery update

    I'm so glad that surgery went well. Wishing Gus a speedy recovery and no more need for surgeries.


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