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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultDog class vent

    The last 2 classes this lady has brought her daughter along.
    Last class she had their stuff ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could not walk with out almost stepping on their stuff. I asked the trainers daughter (who's teaching class because our trainer had a shoulder dislocated). The stuff was moved and then we just hat to worry about keeping the little girls hands OFF out dogs and out of our way..
    I really didn't want to go to class today because I wasn't sure I was going to be nice, I have been in a bad mood and was around to many kids that needed a swift kick in the pants!!!
    I went, they got there late... Half way through my mom who came to class with me tonight told the little girl to leave the dogs along who were in crates.. She had to do it a few times and made her cry.. The mother wouldn't make her mind at all. So during break when my mom told me what she said the the little girl the trainers daughter came over and my mom told her what went on. I then said that I really don't know if I can keep coming to class her running around like she has been. Shes in and out of the class and in the middle of it she runs up and pets your dog while you are trying to learn something new.... I was just not very happy..
    After class while I was walking to the truck the trainers daughter came up and told me she was going to speak to all the other people who help teach class and talk to her mother. They are going to speak to the mother I'm sure by phone tonight..
    I feel bad now but damnit its costs me a good chunk of money (even tho i get a discount). I don't want to shell out money to have a class go down the tubes.. But I feel that there is a time and place for kids to run wild and this is not it!! IF she was older and could understand that she needs to keep her body planted in the chair and watch I wouldn't have a prob with her being there. but shes ALL OVER!! Drives me crazy..

    What would you have done..

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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    I would feel the same as you, but then my kids are in their twenties and I also have very little Patience with the parents that allow this to happen. If you can't make them behave then they stay home with a sitter! Others that are paying good money shouldn't have to put up with "parent's" who can't "parent"!

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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    I'm bad that way.... I have zero patience for children....... just not my "thing"...

    I probably would have said something to the Mom.
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    Scout and friends Guest

    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    Depends on the level of the class. As you move along in training, having some distractions is a good test for the dog. I go downtown to train some days because I want things to happen around us and different people to walk near us as a distraction. It's called proofing. Scout needs to ignore everything and concentrate on me.

    I'm surprised the mother or your trainer didn't caution the little girl around dogs she doesn't know, and don't know her. It's not safe for her to feel she can handle them that way - not all dogs like it. And when you're learning something new your dog, you don't need distractions. But later on it can help.

    I would have done the same - better to speak up. Especially before one of the dogs lets her know "back off".

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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    while I agree that distractions are good in some cases, I've never been to a class where the kids where allowed in the "ring" with the dogs. My instructor has a strict rule about that. I too, would have said something to the mother myself. I don't like people that I don't know touching my dogs without asking permission.
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    Skubaa Guest

    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    I can give you the other side of the coin. I tell my kid they can't pet a dog unless they ask first---that is ask both me and the dog owner. Most times they will ask the owner, but forget to ask me first. When I am out with my dog and a child asks me if they can pet it, I tell them they have to go ask their parent first.

    I have 3 kids and I have no patience for kids who haven't been taught basic manners either. I include my own in that statement. We had a woman bring her son to the class who was home from school sick. He said she gave him medicine that would wear off in a few hours. You've got to be kidding me. He was probably 7. Then she gave him the leash which the dog that either pulled him all over or pull right out of the collar. Then he proceeded to climb the agility equipment. Or the mother who brings a 3 and a 5 year old to class while she has no voice from a cold. She tried telling her dog to sit and you could barely hear the poor woman. Then she'd have to yell at her kids with a voice. She should have just stayed home.

    But, adults can be just as bad. There is this old guy who I don't know why he is in class. He thinks he has his dog all trained already and doesn't need to listen. We aren't learning stay. We are learning sit and don't break until I tell you. Well, he puts his dog in a down and then a stay and then walks off yelling across the room "stay." This is before class and during practice time. Of course, she doesn't stay and then she goes to each dog while the elderly man is calling her to come---but of course she doesn't. There is always a show off in the class.

    But like it has been said, if your dog can handle the distraction, then it is good practice.


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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    Sorry about your bad experience in class. I know I really look forward to going to class. If it got turned into a negative experience I don't know what I would do! Our trainer does not allow children in class either. I understand your frustrations. I would be upset as well. I always look at it this way, if one of my dogs were being obnoxious, I'm sure someone would say something.

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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    So, regarding the old man. I think I qualify.<g>

    I have found that I learn from three unique sources when attending classes.

    (1) From the instructor
    (2) From the dogs
    (3) From the really stupid things the other human students do, or try to do.

    Number (3) may be the most valuable.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    Chester B. Dickens is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    Prong collar and leash -- for the kid!!

    We allow children to come and watch our classes, but while teaching is going on, we have a strict policy that in the training area, it is handlers and dogs only. No guests, be they kids, mothers, brothers, cousins, or next-door neighbors.

    AFTER class is over, there is plenty of time for everyone to interact with everyone else. But not during. I'd suggest your teacher adopt a similar policy.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Dog class vent

    Quote Originally Posted by dweck
    Prong collar and leash -- for the kid!!
    Her mom got mad at her for putting sunscreen in her eyes while at class.. I assume she was bored and wanted to leave because she only put it in her eyes. Her mom told her she was going to put their prong collar on her..

    I don't have any trouble with distractions and for the most part Jacey is good about it.. (see pictures I posted the other day when she heard/saw Joes mom outside)
    Its the fact that its a class and I pay money to learn to better myself and my dog..
    We are in an adult dog class.. Dog rules are NO SNIFFING-its a no sniff class. I think we should have a No touch rule- The adults for the most part don't touch the dogs..
    I just have a really hard time listening to what is being taught and trying to keep the litle bugger away from me..
    I do not feel bad now about saying what I did and if I have to deal with it any more I will go to her mother and say something. I don't bring Kaden because I don't feel hes old enough but yet I know if I put him in a chair he WILL stay there till I'm done. I just feel he would be more happy at home to play with my brother..

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