Crossposted from O&E (NLR issue) - need advise
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Thread: Crossposted from O&E (NLR issue) - need advise

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    DefaultCrossposted from O&E (NLR issue) - need advise

    I'm really out of resources here, and need all our worldly JL advise. It's regarding my sister's Cairn Terrier, Gus. Sorry this is long, but I want to give you as much info as possible.

    Gus is 3 years old and lives with my sister, her husband and their 11 year old daughter. Gus was purchased from a back yard breeder. A woman in a very disheveled house with 4 puppies. Not an experienced breeder, to say the least. Their mistake, they fell in love with him - on the spot - and brought him home (he was 4 mos). Up until he was 8-9 months, myself, my Mother and a professional pet sitter took turns relieving Gus from his crate, took him outside and had play time with him. He was a perfect boy. Housetrained quickly, and played like every puppy would. Around the time he turned 1, he became extremely fearful of the garbage trucks. They live in a cul-de-sac, so the trucks don't just wizz by, they collect in that circle for a good 10 minutes. That fear then turned to him being afraid of garbage cans. When they would be out on walks, he would freeze and refuse to move, sometimes backing himself right out of his collar. When given the chance, he would run home as fast as he could. From, then everything just escalated. He is now completely and utterly afraid of the outdoors. She has tried two different behaviorists and their techniques. She has tried him on Remedy Rescue and now is on valium, because the RR didn't do a thing. She can bring him to my house and he'll hike with us out in the woods or on some wooded walking trails nearby - but neighborhoods scare the crap out of this dog. When he's in my yard, he can't relax - planes, trucks, lawnmowers - scare him. He shakes, runs, hides. She has tried her best with the counter-conditioning and desensitization as far are high rewards, relaxing outside, etc., and nothing works. She and her husband work full time, so that kind of time is not that easy for them.

    It's to the point, that they can't get a leash near him, and because he's now fear aggressive, he will bite. They use steak, chicken, pork to try to get him to come to her - but he won't. He's so damn smart. She had a terrible morning with him, he hid under her bed and refused to come out for 45 minutes. He hadn't been out since 9 pm the night before. She needed to get him outside to relieve himself, so she could leave for work. He has the ability to be trusted in the house without a crate, but when he won't poop for her in the morning (on the days he can get out), he's crated - in fear of he'll poop in the house.

    Any thoughts/advise?
    Brenda from Connecticut

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    DefaultRe: Crossposted from O&E (NLR issue) - need advise

    My last lab was a rescue who had been starved and beaten by a man who was trying to train her to hunt. She was a basket case when I adopted her; afraid of everything and every loud noise. I ended up hiring a woman who works only with abused dogs. She basically desensitized Tucson over a period of 12 weeks and she guarenteed her work for the life of the dog. She came once a week and I worked with Tucson every day. Although she never got over her fear of men and was fear aggressive I was able to take her out in public and have her around my male friends.


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