Well, I think Billie loves us
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Thread: Well, I think Billie loves us

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    DefaultWell, I think Billie loves us

    I never really saw this side of the monkey before. She's quite protective of me in particular but all of us really. If Rylee cries, she goes to to check on her. If someone is outside, she alerts. If there is something out of place in the house (furniture moved, etc.) she growls at it until we tell her it's ok. And most of all, if SO is horsing around with me (wrestling, play boxing, etc.) she HATES it. I have a feeling if someone came in the house and was actually assaulting me, she'd get medieval on them. With him she just barks.

    I wasn't sure she'd really give a rip...she's so independent and stubborn. Never a coward, but not a guard dog either. As it turns out I think she'd kick anyone's butt that came through that door uninvited!

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    DefaultRe: Well, I think Billie loves us

    Aww dontcha love that! Good girl Billie! Mckenzie does that to hubby too if we're wrestling or whatever, she starts barking at him and then tries to get in between us. She was very independent too when she was younger but over the last few months she's become pretty clingy to me and quite the little love bug, always has to be cuddling. I just love it, nothing better than a big ole fur baby in your lap ;D

    Mckenzie the lab and Maddie the Mastiff wanna be.

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    DefaultRe: Well, I think Billie loves us

    Its sweet that she loves her family.. But be carefull that she deosnt assault somebody unprovoked.. that could be bad in sooo many ways... We had a foster dog a few months back that was the same way.. He was very gentle but if anybody came NEAR my 1 year old son .. Snickers would growl and show his teeth and bark.. We thought it was cute until he bit my hand when I went to pick up the baby

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    DefaultRe: Well, I think Billie loves us

    poppy wouldn't hurt a flea, she'd eat it! no joking she loves anyone and would lick them to death, my husband bought poppy for my birthday, i kept on about wanting some company and protection when he went away on tour, well at the moment shes only 6 months but shes a lover not a fighter.

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    BudGirl8 Guest

    DefaultRe: Well, I think Billie loves us

    Oh I know. If she ever got that way she'd be back to basics on the "who's the boss" stuff. I think it's just right when she thinks one of us is getting hurt. She quits barking at SO as soon as I tell her to quit. As soon as she knows I'm ok. It's just when I'm hollering or whatever if we're wrestling or he's tickling me that she thinks something is wrong.

    For Rylee, she checks to make sure that the crying isn't a major deal then walks away. If SO hollers she checks that out too. She's generally doing a perimeter patrol at all times, and knows where each of us is all the time. It's pretty amusing.

    And over the 14 months that I've had her (time flies!) I have so become a sucker for cuddling with her when I sleep. Only now I have SO who doesn't share well with others. hehehe oh well.


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