Fanny & Eddie's weight game
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    DefaultFanny & Eddie's weight game

    Called the vet and asked if I could bring them in to weigh them. That['s it? No other services? Nope, just wanna weigh my dogs. Okay.

    Up to this point they were fine, very excited at being out of the house. Then we start down the hall and they both put the skids on.....not going in one of those rooms mum, na-ah. No, you're right, you aren't going in one of those rooms. Oh, okay.

    Get to the machine and Eddie gets on, sits nicely and the display starts moving back and forth and I look down and Fanny has her right front paw on the scale. LOL! She is very sneaky when she wants to cause him trouble. I sort that out and get hs numbers. Put her on and he sits on there too! Nothing subtle about him! Get him off and get her numbers.

    Go up front and have their files updated - Eddie lost about 3 ounces! Oh well.

    Fanny lost five pounds!

    I am so excited! When she was 87 pounds I was told she needed to lose 5 pounds. When she got to 95 pounds I was told she needed to lose 5 pounds. So I am thinking she needs to lose 10 pounds. MIL was feeding them and wasn't being too helpful. I took over a couple of months ago and I am so proud of my self!!

    Fanny's looking good......

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    DefaultRe: Fanny & Eddie's weight game

    One thing I like about our vet is that the scale is right near the entrance door to the waiting room. Don't have to ask or pass anyone. I can go in, weigh, and leave. Or I can shout ot her name and weight and someone records it in her records. We kind of have fun with that. i.e. Last week I called out Hershey Kisses - 58 lbs, then I heard, 'Got it! Nestle Crunch 85 lbs.'
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: Fanny & Eddie's weight game


    They are due for another weigh in. Hopefully Eddie has lost some, look slike it but then I am biased.


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