Maverick found baby bunnies
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    Let the dogs out yesterday afternoon and my neighbour calls to say I think Maverick has a baby bird. Rush out to backyard and its not a bird but a baby bunny. I guess he found the nest and picked one up The poor thing was just squwaking (sp) It had a small cut that wasn't bleeding above its front leg I wrapped it in a towel and it stopped making noise, now what do u do? I found the nest about 7 more bunnies in it and I put the bunny back. Called the local vet and they give me a name of a vet who takes in wildlife called them yes they will take the injuried one but close in one hour Of course this is rush hours time hop in the car and drive 40 minutes away. Will call today to see if the bunny makes it put a fence around bunny nest in backyard. So now the dogs can only go in the yard on a leash. This will be a great for the next few weeks. You would think mother bunny would pick a yard that doesn't have two dogs.

    Liz Halle and Maverick

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    Rabbits seem to be fairly stupid. We are 4 years running now with rabbits nesting in the yard. The first year it was smack dab in the middle of the lawn. Kody got all 3 little ones before I found the nest. The second year they were in the lawn under the pear tree. Kody got one of them, then was only in the yard on leash for 3 weeks. Last year they were on the fence line of my vegetable garden. Again, Kody got 2 but the other 2 made it. This year they were in the middle of my garden which is fenced and there were no casualties. Luckily they were grown before I tilled the garden in May. My neighbor behind me has no dogs, no children, and is hardly ever in his yard, but they nest in mine. :


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