Tater did it!!!!
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    Saturday we spent all day playing and swimming so Saturday night when I went to bed I took him with me. Sometimes if he doesn't lay down and go to sleep Cody will take him down stairs when he comes up. Well Saturday night he didn't have to take him down stairs. Tater slept in our room all night long. He never barked nor did he use the bathroom anywhere. HE also never chewed up anything. I forgot he was up there and I was waken up with a wet sloppy kiss from the Tater Bug. Then he went over and gave Cody one too. All we could do was laugh. SO I took him out to use the bathroom around 7:15 came back in fed him and he came back upstairs with me laid down and went back to sleep, so I went back to sleep. All three of us slept till about 10. We didn't go to sleep the night before until late. We watched a lot of movies. So Tater go lots of praise and he got a new duck toy for swimming. It was great. I woke up and I was just so happy all day. I think my little boy is growing up. :'(

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    Good boy Tater!!! :-*

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