Update/Questions on the search for my puppy
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Thread: Update/Questions on the search for my puppy

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    DefaultUpdate/Questions on the search for my puppy

    Ok so i'm probably not sure that anyone is following but here is how the story goes, please give your suggestions. First I started out wanted a lab mix, after researching, realized i want a lab. So I found one but it turned out the breeder was a, well lets go with...not for me. So then I asked for suggestions, and was actually referred to this lady by 2 different people. Now she has a smaller yellow which is what I want. I'm a college student that is going to live in an apartment next year but I was sure that while living with my parents for the next few weeks they would not let me train a puppy in their house. Well I was wrong, they will and really want to help. So I am going to meet her tomorrow and hopefully things go well. If all goes well I will probably take her home next week. Now besides explaining to my parents that 800 is a good price, there are obviously going to be lessons. Now my dad who "had dogs all his life" is going to think that he knows everything. She will be living here for 3 to 4 weeks.

    Now for the questions:

    We are going on a 5 day vacation to san diego in early august. Obviously she would come with us. That's ok right?

    Besides crate training, pottytraining, and teacher her to chew on her toys. what other things should be watched. Barking? Obvious problems, but how much can she really be screwed up by my mom always trying to play with her and being crazy. I understand that attention is good but the time I'm at work I will be worried that she is scaring the living shit out the dog with her high voice. Can she really screw it up that much?

    Making a list of commonly used commands for the house... any other suggestions. Will just be basic stuff, go potty, go to bed. Just to get hear started hearing them.

    THanks for your guys help, without you guys I would have an unhealthy pup from an irresponsible breeder.


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    DefaultRe: Update/Questions on the search for my puppy

    Rock on! I wish you the best of luck, I am very proud of you for listening to everyone's comments and finding a dog from a GOOD breeder. I wish I could give you tips about puppies, but I got my first dog (Apollo) when he was 14 months old, so I really was lucky to not have to deal with the puppy issues, hopefully someone can give you some good tips, though! If and when you get your new addition you MUST post pics lol! Its like the LAW here! Good luck and keep us posted!
    Love,<br />Giuli<br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: Update/Questions on the search for my puppy

    Hi Kevin,
    Glad you decided on a lab. Good choice.
    However, have you put a lot of thought in to how much time the pup will actually be alone while you are in class? Or working? Will you be able to come back to the apt in between classes ect?
    Just some things to consider, and maybe you have. Sounds like you have been thinking about a lot of things for this pup.

    I have a junior in college and she has left her dog here/our family home, because she thought she wouldn't be able to spend quality time with him while at school. He wouldn't have the room to run and play or a pal/dog (that he's used to having around) to play with; she thought he needed those things, besides the training-consistancy involved. She does come home on weekends but also has a job and her studies to do. So she really thought it wouldn't be fair to the dog to take him.

    Anyway, Just thoughts I had while reading your post...and somewhat know what your going through at trying to decide what to do.
    I'm sure you and your parents will make the right decision for you. Good luck I hope you can get it all worked out.
    Sue ;D


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