Grrrr...I am so mad (heavy on the rant)
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Thread: Grrrr...I am so mad (heavy on the rant)

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    DefaultGrrrr...I am so mad (heavy on the rant)

    So my neighbors, the white trash on the left are bugging me again.

    They have an evil dog (anyone who has ever been here can attest, he snarls, he bites their baby, he broke the fence from jumping on it to get at us etc...) and he was peeing on their plants which come right to our side of the chain link fence. Big suprise there, he's a male and un-neutered. Well I got sick and tired of listening to them scream and reason with him and beat him with a rake about it, so I passed an ex pen over the fence and let them use it. No problems.

    Now, since its mid-summer, they have passed the ex pen back over the fence because the plants are bigger now, and he won't pee on them???

    Well, the dog is outside 24/7, and he is still peeing on the plants. So I was out watering the dogs and filling their pool, when Rhys goes over to mark that spot and the freaking neighbors go ballistic!

    I was already on my way over to rinse it down. But it got him talking with his hands w/ beer waving around like it was a holiday with family.

    I tried to explain to him that dogs are dogs, they pee not to kill your plants, but to mark territory. They let their dog pee all over my flower garden on the Blvd, and say 'Its different, its public property!' He tells me his dog only pees there because he sees Rhys doing it. :-\

    Then he starts on Rhys. Rhys is 1/2 blind, and everytime he goes outside, he lets off about three barks. Now keep in mind that my dogs probably go outside 5 times a day, and never without me standing at the door, because these people are nuts, Lord knows what they would do. He starts about how he is going to call the city about Rhys' barking and how I shouldn't have dogs and not care that they are pestering other people? WTF?

    This is the dog who had kennel cough for three weeks and I was slipping Amoxicillin through the fence because they refused to bring him to the vets. Their little girl who is now 3, was out last summer on the swing and the dog was attacking her and I jumped the fence to get her, she was already wearing a cast because they let her play outside alone and she fell off of her play gym.

    I just told him to go ahead and call.

    Why do people have to be so stupid? I am the BEST neighbor in the world. I am quiet, I keep my yard well maintained, I use my snow blower to do the whole block. I don't have parties, I don't have children, my drive is paved, and their rocks get all over the place and their kid throws them at my car. Their yard is under a maple tree and they are constantly having bonfires which is illegal in this city, and blaring music until all hours of the night. I never ever complain, and everytime I see them I give them a good morning/afternoon etc.

    I am literally never outside anymore because I can't stand to watch them or hear how they talk to their child, and they are having another one, YEAH!

    So tomorrow morning, I am going to call the city and ask them if there have ever been complaints against my dogs (Ruby doesn't even bark) because I will go over there and open a can of whoop ass. They got on the wrong topic!

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    DefaultRe: Grrrr...I am so mad (heavy on the rant)

    Rather than call and ask whether your dogs have been cited I would call about your neighbors, their dog, and their noise. I feel your pain; I have the most horrible redneck neighbors with 3 little yappy dogs that are abused constantly but animal control can't seem to catch these idiots when it counts. I've seen the guy drag his 14 year old lahsa down the street on its side because it wouldn't walk faster. I am so glad I'm going to be moving.

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    DefaultRe: Grrrr...I am so mad (heavy on the rant)

    It just ticks me off that people can yap their trap about things they know nothing about. I have had dogs all my life. They are going to pee on things!

    I wish I could afford to just move, but I can't. I have been here for 5 years. They moved in when the sweetest older lady moved out. I wish so badly that she was still there!

    I can't afford to put up privacy fences this year, but I hope next year is better!


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