Dock Dogs or What Rock Do I Live Under
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Thread: Dock Dogs or What Rock Do I Live Under

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    DefaultDock Dogs or What Rock Do I Live Under

    Geez, Chicagoland dock dog competition within 30 miles of home and I wasn't even aware of it! Saw it on the news last night. DH and I did watch last year for a while. The Gander Mountain store in Rockford, IL is having the second day of competition today. Plus David Breen with Black Jack (8 yr old lab/german shorthair) are competing. I don't know them, but this morning's newspaper says he is from Oregon which is about 10 miles from me. He is one of the finalists today.

    From the paper: "The duo qualified for the World Championships last July but were unable to participate. Black Jack suffered from the digestive disorder bloat last summer, underwent emergency surgery and took 3 months to recover."

    "The number of registered participants doubled from 140 last year to 280. There were several other local dogs, but Black Jack was one of the few in the Top Gun Division."

    Anyone on the board attending this? Suppose to be really hot here today - mid to high 90s. Heat was why DH and I did not watch very long last year; that and the lack of seating. It seems like to see you almost need grandstand - up in the air. I will have to look for a schedule as I have to go to Rockford early evening anyway.

    I really do need to get out more. Back to my vacuuming before it gets much hotter.
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    DefaultRe: Dock Dogs or What Rock Do I Live Under

    It's a little far for me (we are in AZ )

    Dockdogs is a blast. You should go if you get a chance.


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