Limping lots after swimming
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Thread: Limping lots after swimming

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    DefaultLimping lots after swimming

    Bear has moderate HD, so when we bought the house we looked for one with a swimming pool especially for her. I did cut on running to fetch and now she swims a lot and doesnt run (except when playing with Bunny), anyhow, I've noticed that she still limps a lot after a long swim day, even after a little swim she limps.

    I thought swimming was going to be better for her than running as it is easier on the joints... :-\ Does this happen to any of your dogs that have HD, is it normal or should I not let her swim so much? I want to make sure I'm not damaging more her joint.

    Any advice would be great. Thanks

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    DefaultRe: Limping lots after swimming

    I'm so sorry about your baby. This is probably a question you should ask your vet. I've never had a lab with HD.

    I would think that swimming is much better than running or jogging because it's putting less stress on that joint. Building muscle around that joint will probably make it much less painfull on her... But again, I would ask my vet before I did anymore excersice with her.

    I hope you find out soon!

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    DefaultRe: Limping lots after swimming

    Where is she swimming? How is she swimming?

    Murray is a nutcase around water. He takes a running leap into the pool. He limps not because he has HD but because he rips the pads of his feet. : When he goes to a lake he still doesn't slow down. I'm always worried he'll cut himself on a rock or stick.

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    DefaultRe: Limping lots after swimming

    Don't know about HD, but living with ED dog here. I think more than anything is to have the dog with joint problems exercising in a controlled environment. How does Bear enter and exit from the pool? How long does she swim in one session? What is her swim pattern? My guess would be that the more she twists in the water, the more she's straining her hip joints. Just my guessing again, is that it would be more beneficial to have her do 2-3 lapses back and forth along the longer side of the pool or couple circles along the perimeter of the pool rather than give her free reigns in the pool. She does not have to think that it's a chore; make it fun with toys and treats.

    It's hard managing dysplasia and you have to make some sacrifices. I know that with our ED, Scotty needs exercise to keep his muscles toned and his joint juices flowing. Well, he does not get exercise from doggy daycares or doggy parks, his exercise comes from controlled environment--obedience, tracking, and retriever work. Some people don't understand why I would work him in these structured and controlled environments but not let him do much running around with other dogs (I do let him go crazy with other dogs once in a while but usually prepare myself to pay the price, ie, limping). You just have to find balance. It's not easy. But kudos to you for taking Bear's HD into consideration when buying a house. I hope Bear feels better soon.


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