Ernie just bit me >:(
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Thread: Ernie just bit me >:(

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    DefaultErnie just bit me >:(

    It poured here on the July 4th so the neighbors decided they would set off their fireworks tonight. Ernie was doing really well and didn't seem bothered at all. He was out on the deck with us and I was giving him lots of praise and high value treats. Then I threw a couple of his stuffed toys down to play with and we did a few trades with out any issue (he does like to guard and we have been working on this).

    Well then he went under my chair with his new favorite stuffed duck and started growling at me. I told him no but he just kept at it. I showed him a treat and told him to drop it (the duck) and he did. I went to give him the treat and instead of taking it he growled like I have never heard before and grabbed my entire hand and bit me. He did break the skin on my finger. I am so angry at him but mostly myself--I got really upset and totally lost my cool with him--I yelled at him a couple of times. I am not sure if the noise of the fireworks just set him off--he seemed to do fine for the first 10 minutes or what but he has never actually come at me when he was doing any of his guarding. We had a trainer come into the house and he has seemed to be doing really well with the leave it command and letting us do a trade. I am just scared if we don't get him to stop this behavior now we are going to have a major problem down the road.

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    DefaultRe: Ernie just bit me >:(

    please read this booklet by jean donaldson:

    "Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend." ~ Corey Ford

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    DefaultRe: Ernie just bit me >:(

    Yes, that's a great one. I have it too.

    Simon is my guarder. He doesn't guard any resources from me, but he guards EVERY resource from Angus. : And I am included in his list of "resources." :-\

    I have always waffled and never been able to feel completely that his behavior is unjustified...because Angus is quite a jerk when he puts his mind to it. His favorite game is "steal Simon's food/toy/treat." :

    Anyway, that is a really terrific book. Well worth the purchase price!

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