Is water from the toilet better ;)?
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Thread: Is water from the toilet better ;)?

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    DefaultIs water from the toilet better ;)?

    We adopted our 3 yr old black lab Riley about 3 months ago. I've had such a hard time gettintg him to drink water out of his water dish. He seems to prefer water from the toilet. He has 2 water dishes in the house and one outside. I got a stainless steel water dish for beside his food bowl thinking the water might stay cooler in there.....but otherwise I'm not sure what the attraction is with toilet water. If we put the lid down, he just sticks his head in there and lifts it up and drinks. I like to keep the door open to the bathroom as we are potty training my son.

    Is this just my dog ?

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    DefaultRe: Is water from the toilet better ;)?

    Boomer seems to prefer this too, but only during the night. I think it's because he's too lazy to go to his water dish. Sometimes I will wake up to the noise of sloshing toilet water. He also tends to do this VERY frequently at friend's houses, and I think it's because he's not 100% sure where he is supposed to get water from. I wonder if three dishes is too many? Maybe he thinks that the toilet is just a 4th water dish, or isn't completely sure which is for him? I suppose it could also be because he feels that it's nice and clean.

    Do you have a water softener or anything? My folks do, and their dog won't drink water that's been through the water dad has to get it out of source downstairs...before it goes thru the water softener.

    If that's not the case - I know they make the refilling kind of water dish that is constantly refreshing the water. I know these cost a little more, but perhaps your dog is just really finicky about the water quality.

    LOL...I know I'm completely all over the place with my theories. Maybe someone else will have a better idea.

    By the way - Riley is a hunk! Of course, I'm partial to the shiny black ones.

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    DefaultRe: Is water from the toilet better ;)?

    The water is colder

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    DefaultRe: Is water from the toilet better ;)?

    Quote Originally Posted by lbradorabl
    The water is colder
    Bingo. My boys prefer the toilet for this very reason.


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