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    DefaultLimited Registration Question

    I just purchased a new home with over an acre of land so my wife finally agreed to let me get a friend for Willow. WOHOO !!

    I’m not sure if I’m going to go through a breeder or rescue just yet I’m just looking my options. All I know at this point Is I would like a chocolate, i still have a few months before we move in and get settled..

    I keep seeing the term “Limited Registration” on different breeder sites, what does this actually mean? It sounds to me like you can do everything other registered dogs can do within the AKC with the exception of breeding.

    Is this just a reputable breeder’s way to try to curb people from buying there dogs and turning into puppy mills or BYB?

    Not that papers matter to me I just want a friend for me and Willow . I am just curious.


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    DefaultRe: Limited Registration Question

    Is this just a reputable breeder’s way to try to curb people from buying there dogs and turning into puppy mills or BYB?
    Pretty much. Like you said, you can do anything with a Limited Registration dog that you can with a Full Registration dog except show in conformation and register litters with the AKC.

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    DefaultRe: Limited Registration Question

    What Tatyana said. Actually, if I were looking for a breeder, I would lean towards the one who offered pups with limited registration. It shows a sense of responsibility.

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    DefaultRe: Limited Registration Question

    I'd like to add one more thing. I'm a breeder. Yes, we do that to protect ourselves against unscrupulous breeders. But also, realizing some folks really may have GOOD intentions but lack the basic genetic/ethical aspects of breeding, this is such a good tool. My contract is set up to offer a conversion upon satisfying (basically) all the conditions that I require of myself before breeding-- First, make sure it conforms to the standard well, then, OFA hips, elbows, CERF annually from puppy on (which I generally do the puppy one), heart, and Optigen/PRA test if applicable. And I want at least one title or service cert on that dog.. and I'd hope that person would work with me if they wanted to breed so I could help w/ pedigree analysis, etc.. These are no more than the basics I do personally, so not unfair at all. IMO, these are definitely the types of people you want to deal with. Best of luck in your search! -Anne

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