Odd urinating behavior????
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Thread: Odd urinating behavior????

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    DefaultOdd urinating behavior????

    The last two days, Kaiba has been showing odd behavior. On 3 occasions, he just begin to urinate out of no where and could not stop. He even started walking and urinating. On all three occasions, we were all sitting outside with my wife's family. Kaiba would walk up to someone expecting to be petted but then started urinating. He would then start to walk, while urinating, around the table and finally ended by my wife where he finally stopped and finished urinating. As an end result, we would have a trail of pee around the outside of the table on the concrete. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this type of behavior. Someone mentioned that he might be diabetic.

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    DefaultRe: Odd urinating behavior????

    could be a simple infection.

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    DefaultRe: Odd urinating behavior????

    I have experienced that exact behavior.

    We adopted Simon at seven months from the Humane Association. They told us the previous owners had been "working on housetraining" with him, so when he had accidents we cracked it up to that. We were never there to witness an accident, just found them later. They also often seemed to coincide with excitement, e.g. when he and Angus would be roughhousing, or I would be training Angus and Simon would be baby-gated in the kitchen, trying to get in.

    I took his urine in for urinalysis and it came out fine. This confirmed our beliefs that it was just something we needed to work on with him.

    Then one night I was with him, right there, when it happened. We were in class and suddenly he just started walking around, urinating as he went, and almost seemed unaware that he was doing it. ???

    Back to a different vet (I had switched vets by this time). Ah yes. A UTI. :-[

    I cannot tell you how horrible I felt that it had gone on this long, undiagnosed.

    His specific gravity was low, so they suggested we do a water deprivation test. They were suspicious of a portosystemic liver shunt. This scared the daylights out of me. Thank goodness his urine was concentrated after the test, and everything turned out fine.

    They put him on antibiotics and, knock on wood, we have not had a single accident since. I believe that the poor boy had been walking around with a UTI since we got him, most likely long before we got him, and it had just never been addressed. Accidents in the house were an almost monthly occurrence in those first few months. Now, nothing since the antibiotics in December.

    So, long story short: I think you should take in his urine and get him checked for a UTI.

    You can collect the urine by using a wide tupperware lid, or a pie plate, or a frisbee (be sure these are clean). When he goes out for his first morning potty, follow him and be ready with the pie plate. Your neighbors will surely think you have finally lost your mind. :P But it is a very easy and efficient way to collect the urine. First morning pee is key, too. Get it to your vet as quickly as possible.

    Hope this helps. UTI's are easily addressed with antibiotics, so hopefully this is all you're dealing with. Good luck!

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    DefaultRe: Odd urinating behavior????

    Have him checked by a Vet he may have a Urinary Track Infection (UTI) which is pretty common and easily cleared up with medication. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    DefaultRe: Odd urinating behavior????

    I agree with the others, he needs to be checked by your vet.


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