Why did she decide to heel today?
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Thread: Why did she decide to heel today?

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    DefaultWhy did she decide to heel today?

    Hershey Kisses is healing well, it appears that she has forgiven us. 24 hours after she is back doing almost everything she did before. Naps are a little longer and we won't let her run yet. BUT, I took her out for a walk early today and she did amazingly well on loose lead walk. She was almost in a perfect heel position, accepting treats for the full 20 minutes. Desiring to reinforce that behaviour, we went out a second time 4 hours later. She was being amazing. Granted there were no other pedestrians or animals around, but she started off the same way. I coiled her lead and tucked it in her collar. She continued. I decided to try some maneuvers instead of the normal straight along the path course. I reversed a couple times, bothclockwise and counter clockwise. Tried a couple figure 8s, I was not believing what was happening. I was holding the same treats for this behavior that I always use.

    Why did she decide that today she was going to heel? What is going to happen tomorrow?
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    DefaultRe: Why did she decide to heel today?

    She's probably still not feeling 100% so she wants to stay close by. Give it another week or so and she'll be back to normal.


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