So as it turns out...
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    DefaultSo as it turns out...

    Billie is a bit shy of fireworks.

    She barked at the big booming ones when she heard them in the house. And outside, the popping fizzing ones made her whine.

    Maybe I just didn't notice this last year because I wasn't in the house with her the whole time they were going off. Maybe last night she was feeling extra sassy because she was in big trouble for popping her collar and running off into the woods for two hours sending SO and I on a wild and terrifying goose chase through mud, thickets and water. She spent the entire evening chasing, nipping and barking at both of us (between wild butt tucks around the house, cupping her ears at us the whole time - her sign of wild joy).

    I guess this is going to be a long week if she really is shy of the noise...our neighborhood sits right in the prime area to see and hear fireworks shows from 3 large municipalities as well as the stuff the neighbors light off.

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    DefaultRe: So as it turns out...

    Make sure you ignore her behavior. The minute you coddle her, the worse it gets.
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    BudGirl8 Guest

    DefaultRe: So as it turns out...

    Oh I don't bother with it. I hate whining so I tell her to hush up and I go about my business. If it gets bad I'll put her in her crate so she feels safe and we'll call it good. I just thought she wasn't bothered much by it...maybe it's just the new house or something. *shrugs*


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