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    DefaultForum Update: Site Issues

    Siteground is currently working on a database problem with the forum. Hopefully they will be able to identify why so many threads are getting locked up. I also have a support thread opened up at SMF to see if anyone there may be able to identify the issue. I will update you all later today on the progress.

    Site Admin

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    DefaultRe: Forum Update: Site Issues

    Thank you, Daniel -- it sure seems better than a few days ago. I appreciate your time in working out this problem.

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    DefaultRe: Forum Update: Site Issues

    Thanks, Daniel.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    DefaultRe: Forum Update: Site Issues

    I posted the reply below under another thread:

    Between 3-4 PM CDT posts opened much faster today than yesterday but still not always as immediately as they used to be.

    I've not gotten the page cannot open at all

    But in trying to also post it here, I got the page will not open after about 40+ seconds in waiting for the reply box to come up.

    The second try, it took 35 seconds to open. Time is about 4:05 PM CDT
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