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    Dakotas long journey reminds me of the recent 3 day move Apollo endured with us. Here is a pic of Apollo when we started the ride, He was SOOO excited to be going for a car ride (his favorite thing):

    This is a pic of Apollo about 26 hours into the car ride:

    ;D I know its horrible, but at the same time its funny to see the look on his face go from "Carride! Yay! sooo happy!" to "Dear god! This trip is never gunna end! Its never gunna end, is it?!?! They lied to me! oh the horror!" Suprisingly the day after we arrived in St. Louis, Apollo was already wanting to go on car rides again.

    Anyway, the reason I posted this is because I wanted to let you know that you shouldnt worry about Dakota being 'traumatized' from this car ride. He should bounce back pretty quick. I dunno if that was a concearn of yours or not, but I figured I'd share my/Apollo's experience with you so that you wouldnt worry about Dakota being freaked out by car rides after this little 'excursion'.

    I bet you cant wait to have him arrive. Im sure he'll be a little stressed after this ride is over, but he should come around real quick once he's with you in his new home. Best of luck to both of you as you start a new life together! You, Dakota, AND Timber are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love,<br />Giuli<br /><br />

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    Thanks for thinking of us. I kind of expected him to be stressed out, but I just hoped he wasnt too much trouble for anyone. Poor Apollo does not look amused in that second pic, lol.


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