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    I had to weed eat and edge today. Of course in the back yard I let him roam as he wanted. I'd stop and play fetch with him every once in awhile. He didn't spaz out over the weed eater like he did the mower :

    Once we were out front, I tethered him so I could see where he was. He has always been good about staying close and after a bit I tried him off leash when I could see him clearly. He went around the garage into the neighbor's yard and came when I called. I decided not to tempt fate so I kept him tethered after that when I could not give him my undivided attention. He acted like I had been gone a week when I came over to him and he had been watching me the whole time!

    He found a place in the bushes but I couldnt see him. I called him and out pops his head from behind this bush! I had him tethered and I thought surely someone didn't take him right under my nose! But he was lying there just relaxing and enjoying himself.

    Every so often I would go over to him and unleash him and play fetch with him. It never reached 75 here today and he had a ball. I think I wore him out tho. Plus we had about an hour play/training session first thing this morning. He is in his crate sound asleep. He always did that after a day at daycare!

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    Good to hear he is enjoying his new home.

    I did my weeding the other night with my two tethered to the front steps and Fanny wanders over and lies down in the nice spot I had just cleared! Yep, there were a lot of weeds in there! I couldn't even see the flowers!

    Good luck in your new home.

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    aww that sounds just like Breed


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