ACK!!! Balding Elbows!
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Thread: ACK!!! Balding Elbows!

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    DefaultACK!!! Balding Elbows!

    The fur seems to be wearing off on Bodie's front elbows for some reason ..... (Why??)

    Some dogs/labs seem to have calloused "gorilla" elbows - maybe he is headed in that direction. Wondering how common it is ....

    p.s. Crossing fingers and knocking wood ... he seems to have turned a corner with his TPLO'd leg .... I had him out running on some woodland trails today and what a happy boy he was! No limp, no ill effect so far.

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    DefaultRe: ACK!!! Balding Elbows!

    It's a fact of lab life. If they lay around on hard, rough surfaces their elbows will be more worn. Softer surfaces, not so much.

    My 3 don't have terribly much elbow wear, but then, they lounge about on the furniture and their beds. When they lounge. IF they lounge.

    You can use something like Bag Balm to rub into their "points". It won't reduce the wear but it will keep the skin supple.

    Did this post help you at all?

    Seamus and Flynn

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    DefaultRe: ACK!!! Balding Elbows!

    Deacon has them, he lies on the tile floor alot

    Glad to hear his leg is healing


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