This month, Simon loves his crate
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Thread: This month, Simon loves his crate

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    DefaultThis month, Simon loves his crate

    He is so hot and cold with his crate, I swear!

    Many of you might remember a couple of months ago when he really started rebelling. I came on JL and talked about it, and we collectively decided that Simon was pretty good overall, except for one incident with some chocolate covered cherries, so he should have free roam at night.

    That's where we've been for a couple of months. He has done very well. It is sort of fun to be awakened by him in the morning (Kevin would disagree about this).

    Angus is a die-hard crate man. I am not sure we'll ever be able to wean him. Lately I have taken to not latching the door, but just leaving him inside. He has never tried to leave. He loves that crate. As soon as his last evening walk is done, he comes to me and just stares until I go up and "tuck him in" (give him a treat). This is so much a part of his routine now I just can't bear to tell him, "You know, you really don't have to go in there anymore."

    Anyway, the past couple of weeks Simon has been spied "hanging out" in their "bedroom." Both crates are set up in there, though Angus' is the only one ever used. But if you can't find Simon lately, chances are he's in the corner of the room having some alone time.

    Just now Angus came in from his last walk, and did his usual stare-down, looking at me with that "Can I go to bed now?" look. I did my usual, "Do you wanna go to bed?" and up we went to get him his bedtime treat. I gave it to him and was very surprised to see Simon already in the crate next to Angus'.

    I gave him a treat too and left the door open.

    It was just really cute and I wanted to share. Maybe you had to be there. :P

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    DefaultRe: This month, Simon loves his crate

    That is cute.they always amaze us..don't they??? Maybe he saw that Angus didn't seem to mind..and went in willingly..and decided it can't be that bad if I go in on my own. LOL

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    DefaultRe: This month, Simon loves his crate

    Aww how cute. At least he is starting to feel secure there. Angus's routine sounds just like Timber's was.

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    DefaultRe: This month, Simon loves his crate

    For the first three months, I had to toss special treats into Hershey Kisses' crate to get her to go in. It wasn't a problem, just seemed to be an annoyance. Last week, when she heard me getting the 'special treat' (not really that special, just a different biscuit) she would run in, turn around and sit there waiting for it. That has been the standard behavior since then.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    DefaultRe: This month, Simon loves his crate

    That is really cute. I'm glad that you shared this one. I can just imagine the "boys" in their crates.

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