Big fireworks night...
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    DefaultBig fireworks night...

    Every year since I live at Windsor/Detroit International border, there is a huge fireworks display over Lake St. Clair, the water that separates our cities. We're talking millions and millions of dollars in pyrotechnics on three huge barges in the middle of the lake, shooting off fireworks for 40 minutes, unabashed.

    Well, this year I didn't go down to the river, but I am 14 blocks up.

    Itís good to know that the millions are well spent on Rhys and Ruby.

    Rhys is crashed out upside down, having knocked all three cushions off the new couch, and Ruby is happily sucking her sucky pillow while the house shakes with the resonance of it all and lights up like a Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

    Thanks for the memories. Next year, letís cut out the middle man and just deposit cash into my bank account.

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    DefaultRe: Big fireworks night...

    Yikes! sounds like quite the show even though the kiddos don't seem to think much of it! I'd hate to have sensitive dogs around your neck of the woods - that would be a very long evening!
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Big fireworks night...

    Holy cow thats a lot of money!!


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