Sorbent anyone? - Correction, Kleenex Cottonelle
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Thread: Sorbent anyone? - Correction, Kleenex Cottonelle

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    DefaultSorbent anyone? - Correction, Kleenex Cottonelle

    in Australia there is an add on TV for sorbent (Kleenex Cottonelle - my mistake) toilet paper. basicaly it has a very cute ~8 week old Lab chasing a toddler around and every time the toddler falls over the Lab puts some sorbent toilet paper (whole role) under his bum to soften the fall.

    Hercules thinks he should be the next sorbent dog, although he is a bit too old now,AND he has got the whole idea wrong.

    He was very quiet the other day as we were sitting in the lounge watching Greys Anatomy on the box. Cocoa was on his couch, but Hercules was no where to be found. I knew he wouldnt be in the bedrooms as the passage door was closed (to keep the heat from the fire in the Lounge room), and I knew he wasnt out side. When the add came on (couldnt leave the TV when Meredith was on her death bed and we didnt know if she was going to live or not), I Got up and went into the kitchen and there in his GLORY was Hercules with the remains of not 1, not 2 but 3 roles of toilet paper. Well as hard as it was not to go totally crook at him, the look on his face was just adorable. It was a "look how good and quiet I am being mum" look.

    Needless to say, I am no longer leaving the spare roles of toilet paper in the basket on the bathroom floor, and I am on the nag to the rest of the family that it might be a good idea to make sure that the bathroom door is closed. all I can think of tho, is I am glad I didnt have any wallpaper on the wall that needed

    anyway, thought it might make a good story,

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    DefaultRe: Sorbent anyone?

    Sounds like our Cottenelle commercials here in the states.

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