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    Another poop-eating canine most wanted off the streets!

    Ok guys. I have found myself using her passion for poop to scout out all the poop droppings in the yard that have been missed. You know the ones. There is the big main pile, then there are the little droppings as they squat and walk their way around the yard. As soon as I see her lock on a scent, you catch up to her and follow. I manage to stop her right before she goes in for the chomp and throw a ball for her to fetch. While she gets the ball, I get the shovel. No more searching for me---let the one who dropped em be the one who finds em.


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    DefaultRe: Book her Dano

    LOL, nothing like using her natural talents for a good use!

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    DefaultRe: Book her Dano

    OMG! That's funny!

    Unfortunately for me, mine don't like dog poop!

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    DefaultRe: Book her Dano

    When I'm out on the hunt with my poop bucket, I just tell Tally to "find it" and she starts to sniff them out. Of course then it is a race to see if she can snag one before I can stop her, but you gotta have a little fun right?


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