How to desenstize for nail clipping?
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Thread: How to desenstize for nail clipping?

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    DefaultHow to desenstize for nail clipping?

    Maddy my 2yo lab mix lets me cut her nails no problem, I give her a small treat per paw and she knows when she is done with a paw she gets a treat and lays back down to get another paw down. Now Sydney 6m old on sunday is a battle to clip her nails. It takes 2 adults(1 to hold Sydney and hush her like a baby and 1 to clip the nails as she is kinda trying to take her foot away). What is the best way to teach her to let me clip her nails. Maddy just decided to let me this spring( I had never tried before then always taken her in).



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    DefaultRe: How to desenstize for nail clipping?

    In this post rottnlabs has some helpful suggestions.,16108.0.html

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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