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    DefaultTrouble finding a vet...

    When I first took Harley to the vet, I posted it here and a number of questions arose as regard the vet's, um... adequacy, shall we say. So I decided at that time to find another vet. Unfortunately, as I ask around about vet's who are really good with Labs, guess where I keep getting recommendations for?

    That's right, the first vet...

    I wonder if maybe we just got her on an off day, or if there was a misunderstanding, or something else, because there is no shortage of vets here in my county, yet people keep sending me to her.


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    Where do you live? Someone on the board might be able to offer you something different
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    I think I missed something, but what happened with the first vet? If it was only one incident, I'd say you probably saw her on a bad day. To be perfectly honest, I don't see why you need to find a vet that's good with Labs specifically. I'd be looking for a knowledable small animal/dog vet who doesn't be-little me or act like they know everything and I know nothing, will answer my questions and who is good with my animals (not all vets are). Now, if that person happens to be a Lab owner/breeder, that would be a plus.

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    Yes, where do you live?

    And I agree -- you don't need a Lab specialist (altho Labs do have a higher proportion of some problems than other breeds).

    I think it is often hard to find a vet who is very knowledgable and sharp about what s/he knows and doesn't know, and who is pleasant for you to get along with and also who is reasonable in charges.

    Tall order.

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    I have to agree with most of what has been said, but I believe that most important attribute is for you to be comfortable with your vet and to be able to trust the vet.

    For HKs teeth we go to the University Vet Hosp. For everything else we happen to go to an office of four vets, three own Lab(s) themselves, and one a couple GRs. The first vet we went to charged unreasonably high fees, refused to recommend a dental specialty and wanted to do the work themselves, and lied on the records they finally provided me. The new vets treat me very well, seem to really care about HK, I get a follow up call on every visit. I am very happy with them and feel that everyone should feel the same way with whatever vet they use.
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