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Thread: temperament and good description

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    I want to get your opinion about a description and characteristics (about labrador) I have put in my dog blog. I would like you to tell me if there is mistakes or if there is anything you think I must put in my blog, and there isn´t.
    I love labradors, but my experience with labradors is short.
    Thank you. I will be waiting for your advices.
    The web is:
    Don´t worry about language, because there is a translator tool in the blog.
    Thanks, thanks, a lot.

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    I´ll post it in spanish since your blog is in spanish. Sorry all who don´t understand it...

    Muda de pelaje: Alta en realidad. Mudan 2 veces al año en bastante cantidad.
    Colores: Amarillo (no es canela, oficialmente el color se llama amarillo), chocolate y negro. El amarillo va desde el color crema claro hasta el rojo zorro.

    El resto de la descripción está bien en general

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    Muchas gracias por tu respuesta!!!!!!
    Thanks a lot for your answer. If you see again the page you will see I have write your ideas in the article. Thanks.

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