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    I needed to make a phone call today and this afternoon I thought it was quite enough for me to call. So I get on the phone and start my phone call and 3 of the 4 dogs decide to go crazy!!! > . The guy on the other end stopped the convo. to start up another one asking about my dogs. He was so excited to know I had 4 labs 2 chocolates. We went on and on about them. I think we spent more time talking about my dogs than the reason I made the phone call in the first place!!

    I have had a few people who will stop and want to chat about the dogs.. You really know a true animal lover when you see one-or hear one. It just puts a smile on my face!

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    Your yellow lab looks like the one who sings in the Advantage commercial "There ain't no bugs on me." Could that be what they are hearing on the other end of the phone? hee, hee


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