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    DefaultMambo and Romey

    I went into my bedroom yesterday to take a nap. Like always, I had a following. First Mambo. He sat next to the bed. I tried to get him to jump in bed to cuddle. He just wasn't feeling it. Than comes Romey. Mambo and Romey fight all the time. It's a constant thing in our house. Well Romey jumped in bed with me and rolled up into a ball. Mambo got jealous and jumped in too. Now I have a king bed. But both had to be right next to me. They even got so close that they were touching. Back to back. Never would I have thought they would be so close without a smacking session going on. I so wanted to grab the camera. Jerome would have never believed me. But I knew if I moved that moment would be over. So I just let it happen and they both took a nap with me.

    But truly if you knew them two, you would understand why I was shocked. Since day one they have fought.

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    DefaultRe: Mambo and Romey

    I know exactly what you mean, Amanda!

    How cute are they?! :-*

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    DefaultRe: Mambo and Romey

    Mambo you are such a good boy......


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