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    I just wanted to say that I love my dog so much. He had alot of problems when we adopted him, but hes a totally different dog now! Hes the sweetest dog, hes SOOO goofy, and I LOVE when he grunts and 'talks' to me. Hes the most vocal dog I've ever met. Hes like a little person in a dog costume. He always puts his head in my lap and tries to curl up into a little ball in my lap ;D I LOVE how happy he is when I come home to see him and hes such a good boy with our ferrets! I wasnt a dog person before I adopted apollo, but now I am hooked! Hes like my best friend ever and I just get so very happy when he curls up with me while we watch tv. I love snuggling up with apollo, eating ice cream, and watching movies. He such a great pal! I love my cats, but they are more like pets, my ferrets are more like children, but apollo is like a good friend! I love my puppers! Okay, done bragging. How about you brag about your dog in this thread! It would be cool to see what YOU love about your dog!
    Love,<br />Giuli<br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: Apollo brag

    Awww, what a good boy Apollo! He sure is a lucky boy to have landed with someone who cares for him!

    Sometimes ya just have to say what good dogs they are!

    Good boy Apollo!

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    Aw Guili, how sweet! I'm glad Apollo is making such wonderful progress.
    I'm Jenn. Keeper of two labs in my home and one forever in my heart.

    Throw the ball, damn it!

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    DefaultRe: Apollo brag

    We're just crazy about Dakota too..we treat him like our "baby". Spoiled...? yes..LOL We love his intelligence..we love how goofy he looks sometimes..we love the way he sleeps on the sofa with us while we watch tv at night. We love the licks and affection he gives us. We love the way he looks. The way he carries his toys around..head up..prancing like a horse, the way he communicates with us thru vocalization or eye contact. He is a very special puppy to us.


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