Sarah has started butt tucking!
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Thread: Sarah has started butt tucking!

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    DefaultSarah has started butt tucking!

    In the past few days, we've noticed that when Madison and Sarah are playing that Sarah is now starting to do the butt tuck. It's sooooo cute! ;D Hubby finally got to see her do it last night. Now we have 2 butt tuckers. ;D Now if I can just catch her with the camera.

    I can't believe that in 5 days, we'll have had Sarah a month now. She has changed SO much! She's no longer that bony, quiet puppy we brought home May 8th. She's now filled out nicely, LOVES to play, rolls around on the floor with toys, chases the cats and Madison, she even talks, lol. And I think Madison has decided that maybe having a little one around is alright after all. Silly girls!

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    DefaultRe: Sarah has started butt tucking!

    How cute! We definitely need to see a video of the butt-tucking.
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