Shes a fish not a lab!!
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Thread: Shes a fish not a lab!!

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    The last 2 days while I am doing my hair brushing my teeth getting myself ready for the day I fill the bath tub up with a few inches of water for Jacey. She thinks its a HUGE water dish : . Well here comes Dakota!! Jumps in splashes everything... She starts drinking the water and finds the drain. She starts pawing at it... Then sticks her head IN the water and is trying to sniff it. well she never took her head out of the water and I thought she might need some air so I pulled her head up and right back in the water it went. She couldn't figure out how to get that drain to play with her. So I let the water out of the tub and OMG!!! she starts digging at the bath tub and sticking her head in the water again lol.. Dork!!

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    Well if she likes the tub it will make bath time easier.

    Silly girl it is amazing what facsinates them.


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