This may help keep your mosquitos away.....
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Thread: This may help keep your mosquitos away.....

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    DefaultThis may help keep your mosquitos away.....

    I live in Texas (the mosquito mecca of the world, or at least of the US). My husband can never be outside for more than a little while at a time because he gets devoured. My son is the same way. As for me - they don't come near me. Once in a great while I'll see one land on my, but it flies off and doesn't bite me.

    Because I have such dry skin, for many, many years I've put Keri Lotion on me from head to toe - every single day without exception. A couple years ago I was given some fancy lotion that I thought I'd try. The day I wore it I was outside and find myself the focus of a mosquito feeding frenzy. All I could think (as I was sprinting to the house) was "OH MY GAWD! THIS IS WHAT YOU ALL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH???". I really had no idea how bad mosquitos were. (I think the new lotion was attracting the mosquitos)

    Nontheless, Keri lotion is as important a part of my daily ritual as brushing my teeth.

    Anway, thought I'd share. It may be worth a try for some of you. Cost is about $6+ a bottle at Walmart and Walgreens. I always us the "Original" with the blue pattern on the front.

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    DefaultRe: This may help keep your mosquitos away.....

    Great tip.

    Also, Johnson's Baby Lotion repels gnats and no-see-ums. I use it all the time.


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