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    The pest control man told me that dogs can get chiggers. Does anyone agree or disagree? If they can, is there something you can spray on them to help prevent it? (like we spray ourselves with OFF) I'm assuming it's not safe to spray OFF on dogs.

    With the training we're doing for fall hunt tests, Sam is often in tall grass. And he's been scratching more lately. I use Frontline Plus on him for fleas once a month. He has no allergies that have ever shown up before. There is no paw licking or chewing.


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    Well I think they could... I HATE chiggers with a passion!!

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    What are the symptoms of chiggers?

    In dogs, chiggers can be found around the legs, head, and abdomen. In cats, they often take up residence on the inside of the ears and can be seen with the naked eye. They are said to look like paprika. Chiggers may not cause any symptoms in some animals; others may scratch at the area where the chiggers are present. In people, the mite is usually not seen but the bite will produce a small welt, usually around the ankles, that itches intensely for several days.

    How is an infestation with chiggers diagnosed?

    The mite can be scraped from the inner surface of the cat's ear or off of the dog and can be identified under the microscope. However, because of the characteristic reddish color and location a diagnosis can often be made just by visual inspection.

    How is an infestation with chiggers treated and prevented?

    The treatment is relatively simple and consists of either a couple of pyrethrin-based dips spaced a couple of weeks apart, or the application of a topical antiparasite drug like Tresaderm to a localized area such as the ears. Topical or injectable steroids can be administered to the animal for several days to help alleviate any itching.

    Avoiding areas where chiggers are found is probably a good idea because they appear to live in the same locations year after year.


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