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    My sisters and I walked a three mile circle today and we had all three pups along. Halfway home, we were graced with a view of a grey fox, small as a cat, crossing the road at dusk half a dozen yards ahead. I quickly caught Macadamia, who was off leash at that point, to prevent her tearing off into the woods after it. Sure enough, as soon as we drew even with its crossing she caught its scent and went a tad nutty hoping to chase down the poor thing. I wonder whether they recognize the scent as a member of the canus species. This is so cool 'cause yesterday we scared a racoon in the woods near the road; it raced up a tree with what looked like a young one in its mouth.
    I love living so close to wildlife, it's unfailingly wonder inspiring to catch a glimpse of the shy side of nature.

    Macadamia says don't neglect to tell you guys she met her first horses yesterday! A friend just had a little filly they named Harley and we stopped by to peek at the wee thing. ;D I expected a few barks and raised mane at the least, because she's barked at cows like that, but I guess she loves horses as much as I do. ;D Although she did spend most of her time fixated on the banty hen scratching nearby.

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    Grey fox are cool critters. They can climb trees! About 20 years ago we had a pair and their kits den in the public area at work.


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