I miss my dog
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Thread: I miss my dog

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    BudGirl8 Guest

    DefaultI miss my dog

    I dropped the Billie monkey off last Thursday for her last heartworm treatment and a stay over at the vet while we were in Colorado. I forgot the vet closes at noon today so I can't get her tonight...I want my baby back!


    Sorry...carry on. I just had to say that out loud to people who get it. Everyone else looks at me like I have a third eye when I say I miss my baby...and I don't have human children. :-\

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    DefaultRe: I miss my dog

    Ah Leah, I'm sorry. Here, have Aly. ;D
    I'm Jenn. Keeper of two labs in my home and one forever in my heart.

    Throw the ball, damn it!

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    BudGirl8 Guest

    DefaultRe: I miss my dog

    Quote Originally Posted by Momma to J and A
    Ah Leah, I'm sorry. Here, have Aly. ;D
    Heheheh...Aly wouldn't like it at my house. No yard to hunt dead things in. She's welcome to visit though. She and Rylee could play, tear up the house and maybe she'd develop a taste for...um...3 year old children's Hello Kitty flip flops instead of dead birds and other assorted deceased wildlife. Whattaya say?



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