Hello everyone!

It's that time of year again! Are you ready for the Labrador Life Line 2007 Cyber Show? Well, it's going on now! You can submit entries through June 15. Start snapping!

This is a FUN event for all of our supporters, and for us! We get to see your dogs at their best, their silliest, their sportiest...everything we all love about the Labrador! This is your opportunity to show off your dogs, and show us why they are so special to you!

Our fun categories include: Extreme Labs; Labs At Play; Labs With People; Labs With Other Animals; Labby Families; Smiling Labs; Play Ball; Swiiming Labs; Labs and Their Favorite Toys; Picture Perfect Poses; Holiday Labs; Bat Dog; Biggest Tongue; Puppy Spirit; Funniest Sleeping Positions; Not JUST Labs (all pets welcome); and Captions.

Award classes include: Puppy, Dog Under 12 months; Puppy, Bitch Under 12 months; Dog 12-18 months; Bitch 12-18 months; Open Dog; Open Bitch; Veteran 7 Years and Older.

Winners from each class will receive a ribbon. Best of Breed and Best of Fun winners will compete for the title of Best in Show!!!!

What if you don't own a lab? Well, you can still participate in the Cyber Show! We have a category called "Not JUST labs-All Pets Welcome" and our unjudged category of "Rescue Royalty". You can also enter a photo in honor of a beloved fur-friend who has passed away, in our "Rainbow Bridge" category. Show off all of your furry friends and support a wonderful cause!

Please read Cyber Show rules and regulations here:

Take a look at last year's winners:
http://www.labrador lifeline. org/cshow06/ 2006winners. htm

As always, please remember why we have these fundraisers...to help labs in need. You can see how your support continually makes a difference for special dogs such as these:

Thank you for supporting Labrador Life Line! We look forward to seeing ALL of your dogs in the Cybershow!

We try to make entering the Show as easy as possible for you, but on occasion upload times can be a bit slow due to heavy traffic. If you are having issues with the uploading of photos, or if payment acknowledgment seems slow, you can contact [email protected] for assistance and we will help you out.

In addition, when you are entering/uploading more than one photo, please do not use the "back" button, as this will result in duplicates. You will need to reload the upload page to enter any additional photos. Again, we are here to help you, so please contact us if you are having trouble.

Permission to crosspost freely given and encouraged--let others know about the Show!

Kristin Boggs
Board Member
Labrador Life Line, Inc
A 501c 3 non profit organization helping Labrador Retrievers one Lab at a time.