I don't wanna go..
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Thread: I don't wanna go..

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultI don't wanna go..

    Any one wanna take Jacey to class for me tonight?? I was up alot lastnight because I didn't feel good (from heartburn that wouldn't go away). Now I am tired.. She will be VERY good for you I promise! Just remember to bring LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of bug spray!

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    DefaultRe: I don't wanna go..

    You had me until the bug part.... nooooooo way! pass

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: I don't wanna go..

    Quote Originally Posted by WeHeartLabs
    You had me until the bug part.... nooooooo way! pass
    Awww come on!!
    It shouldnt be to bad. Its down by the river (the reason for so many bugs). There is a breez and so the breez will hit the river and make it nice and cool... Maybe to cool. I should probably put a jacket in our bag :-\ .
    I actually wanna go so I can talk to the trainer. She was really busy on Saturday working at the dog show that she really didnt get a chance to talk to me about what she wants to see me do with Jacey. I was very excited to see all the dogs doing their thing!!
    Id really like Jacey to be able to do atleast a 1/4 of the things the dogs there were doing!! They looked like they were having such a GREAT time!


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