Another good day in the Hunt Test world!
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Thread: Another good day in the Hunt Test world!

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    DefaultAnother good day in the Hunt Test world!

    Sunday Belle, Kodi, Hoss and my co-own Red went to the Michigan HRC test. True to Michigan weather, it was cloudy and cool/cold, had light rain, heavy rain lots of wind, calm wind and bright sun all within the 12 hour period we were there.

    The test started with some straight forward land retrieves. Kodi decided to toy with me a bit and nosed the bird and then decided to romp a bit. But she, and all the rest did a good job. Handling the gun, duck call and whistle with Belle is getting easier each time. Also, no breaks!

    The water was HARD! In fact, as I was watching the Finished test, I over heard a guy say one of the retrieves was as hard as they were doing in Finished! (Certainly the hardest water retrieves I have ever seen in a Started or Junior test). There was EXTREME mud on both water retrieves. The first, a 60 yard (or so) retrieve involved entering the water with a lot of sticks and swimming along side the bank to the duck. Kodi did it perfectly. Hoss, when he grabbed the duck had his eyes covered by the wings and he couldn't see anything on the swim back. The judges said to keep blowing the whistle so he would know where I was. He did get up on the bank about half way back, and came back just fine, with only a glance over to Joe (the guy who owns Red, and whom Hoss loves). Belle, who bank runs something awful stayed in the water the whole way. The judges got a kick out of Kodi and Hoss who whined yipped and barked most of the way to the ducks. If they could walk on water to get to the duck faster, they would.

    The second water retrieve was swimming in mud...litterally. About a 50 yard retrieve, the dogs REALLY had to drive to get to it. Fortunately, they splashed well, 'cause landing in duckweed they were not easily visiable on the water. I wish I had a camera, because I have never seen such muddy dirty dogs as when they got through the water retrieves! The yellow dogs were absolutely BLACK when they got out.

    Red passed this week, and even delivered to hand...a lot of progress over last week!

    A good weekend! Now I am off to watch Susan (Yellow Boys Mom) and Caleb compete in Open B and Utility A at the Cluster shows in Kalamazoo. Watched them Saturday, but I will let Susan give the details! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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    DefaultRe: Another good day in the Hunt Test world!

    Sounds like a great day!! I bet you were proud.

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    DefaultRe: Another good day in the Hunt Test world!

    Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great day.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    DefaultRe: Another good day in the Hunt Test world!

    Congratulations. Sounds like a great day. You have to take some pictures.


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