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    Did anyone watch the Houston Animal Rescue episode last night? I never continue to be amazed at how people mistreat their animals.

    There were several horses underfed and you could see their ribs and hips, one was just a foal. Theere was also a little Shitzu who's fur was so matted it accounted for half his weight. Poor little thing had heartworms too.

    The good part was they were able to clean the little dog up and treat the heartworms. They felt good about the possibility of him being adopted and his foster parents said he was really friendly and would be a good pet. The foal and his mother were adopted to a family with a 9 y/o girl and what a difference it makes when they are in a place they are loved and cared for.

    There were a couple of other stories too but not quite as tragic as these. Fortunately they had a good outcome. And in the horses case, they showed the judge looking at them and you could tell he was disgusted. Next scene showed him signing the legal stuff so that the Houston SPCA could treat and place the animals in a good home.

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    I watch this sometimes too, i think i've seen the episode you are referring to.

    It is tragic how some people mistreat animals. Unfortunately these people raise kids who will come out of these 'homes' and the cycle will repeat itself.


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