Do your dogs surf?
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Thread: Do your dogs surf?

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    Hey guys! I know that it has been so long since I have posted! I have been so busy with grad school! But I have missed everyone and have been reading some when I can. This past weekend I took my girls to the beach for the first time. My boyfriend had his surf board and just for fun we sat them up on the board and let them ride a wave to the shore (these were little bitty Gulf of Mexico waves in Galveston). I think that Karma stayed on the board until it got to shore because she was scared and we didn't put her on it again, but Hannah loved it. She was running out after my boyfriend and jumping up wanting to get on the board! I wish I had pics!! Does anyone else have dogs that surf?! If so I'd love to see pics!! I hope everyone is doing well!!

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    Well Zoe (Zoesmom) rides her bogey board, does that count?

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