Oh my goodness, the last two days have been torture. Piper was spayed a week ago Thurs and we didn't see her licking her incision. Well on Wednesday I noticed it was getting redder so took her to vet to have checked and they said it looks like she has been licking quite a bit. So evidently we have a closet licker on our hands, LOL! So now she gets to wear the lampshade and it will be longer until she can get stitches out. She so wants to run, but they still said to limit activity. Wished I'd had my video camera last night, she was trying to butt tuck on the stairs with her cone on, with me being pulled around at the end of leash. Then she proceeded to be ornery for about an hour, growly and snappy. So two nights in a row now she has had me in tears of frustration. I really think we have a devil dog. I can't wait until she gets the go ahead for running.