I got to see my babies today
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Thread: I got to see my babies today

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    DefaultI got to see my babies today

    This should probably go in O&E, but it involves the animals, so I'll post this here.......

    Sam, apollo, and the ferrets are still at sam's aunt and uncles house. I am still living with my mom. I am used to seeing my babies everyday, but with our current living arrangements its just not possible to see them everyday.

    Today for the first time in four days I got to see Apollo and the ferrets. Its been really hard on me not being able to see them everyday. I will be visiting the cats (at sam's dad's house) tommorow. Boy will it feel good to have all the animals back under one roof again.

    Apollo was SOOOO excited to see me. He crawled into my lap and would NOT get off me. He kept talking to me and following me and rubbing on my legs like a cat and running in circles lol. the ferrets were thirlled to see me too. They were goofy and hyped up lol, it was really cute.

    Things are looking up. Sam got a job at a carlot and has FOUR car sales set up for tommorw. Now its very possible that some of those peeps will bail but at the worst he'll still sell atleast one car tommorw. Income is sooo good right now, cuz boy do we need it. Sam's car broke down on saturday and it STILL is not fixed (mechanincs dont know whats wrong).

    I applied at several places for a job today, and I'm really hoping that I get a job at this little petshop up the road. Keep your fingers crossed guys! I call them on Saturday to give a follow up call to my application. Boy do I need this job.

    Once Sam and I start making some money then we will FINALLY be able to move into our apartment and that will be a big weight off of all our shoulders. I can tell the animals are kinda stressed out to not be all together. They fight sometimes, but they really do miss each other, I can tell.

    Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!
    Love,<br />Giuli<br /><br />

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    DefaultRe: I got to see my babies today

    I can't even imagine how hard that must be for all of you to not be together. :'( I hope you get the pet shop job. It sounds like fun and you've definitely got the experience since you run your own little personal pet shop.


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