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    Defaultso much better!!

    Well, I have been tackling some issues with Bailey over the last few weeks and I'm proud to say that he's doing awesome!

    We first learned how to "stay" and he's getting better, but I can't get out of site yet. We are working on "come" as well and that has been fairly slow going.

    Our other big issue was "good manners" when walking. He was the type to either not be interested in walking by my side, or would be pulling the whole time.

    I got some great advice and went out and got a treat bag to keep on my hip while I walked, and I am happy to say that it has made all the difference! He now recognizes "heel" and any time he gets ahead of me he stops and comes back to my side!

    I'm so proud of my little boy!

    Doing quite well for a 4 month old.

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    DefaultRe: so much better!!

    Good for you (and Bailey)! And what a cutie!

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    DefaultRe: so much better!!

    Good boy Bailey!!

    He sure is cute.

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    DefaultRe: so much better!!

    Well done Bailey He's very cute.

    Won't someone please feed me!


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