We're moving to Libya from Texas in a couple of months. We've already done all the homework about what the animals need to have as far as shots, health clearances, paperwork, etc. It's straightforward and pretty simple (no quarantine, no limit to number of pets). That's the easy part.

We've now gotten one quote from a pet relocation service, but it seems OUTRAGEOUSLY high. Does anyone here have any advice about

1. What an international move for two dogs should come in at, costwise

2. Recommended companies who handle such things

3. Any other suggestions for accomplishing this move as smoothly as possible?

Right now, we're looking at a couple of options. One is trying to figure out how the animals could go with us on the planes (we'll be going over separately, probably a week or two apart). We could put the dogs with Mark, the cats with me later, or some combination thereof. Another possibility is to send someone (probably either the cats or Chamois) over early with Mark, since he's supposed to be going for a two week business trip next month. But I don't like that idea much, both because I don't like the idea of them staying with someone else for that long (it would be someone with our company who already lives there and is trustworthy, so it's not that bad but it's 5 - 6 weeks, which just seems like a long time for me to worry about them), and because he's still waiting on visa approval, so all the arrangements for his travel will be fairly last-minute, so there's a good chance we couldn't get animals on the flight at short notice. Our original plan was to have Mark take one cat with him, then I would ship the dogs with a professional service, and then follow myself with the other two cats. That still might happen, but probably not with the company we just got the quote from.

I know we'll sort something out, one way or another, the animals are relocating with us no matter what. But any advice for making this as simple a process as possible would be much appreciated. I've flown with cats before, but never dealt with moving large dogs.

Thanks in advance.